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The Hopeless Conceituais


THE HOPELESS - Evermotion Challenge Won the Honorable Mention I wanted to tell the story about the hopeless. We have a lot of them on the city and most part of the time nobody cares, nobody even see. A story about this guy, this homeless that I wanted to call him "the hopeless" some one who doesent have dreams, he live on the city, we walk trough his side, almost over him. On this story he have his friend, a tireless friend, that despite all the adversity he will be aways on his side, a true friend. On this pic, the city is where everything happens. I worked on a night mood, I never did before, I usually use a bluehour mood, but on this case I tought that dark night fells more conclusive. The challenge was to put the hopeless and his dog the way that looks real on the frame. Thank you for watching.

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